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We help your charitable donations go twice as far. Our Mission is to help promote smarter, more efficient charitable giving.

About Us

Enduring Freedom

Before we begin
We have a confession to make: we don’t really want you to donate less! Ideally we want you to donate MORE, we just want to highlight how matching donations can supercharge your kindness, allowing you to potentially give more by donating less. Phew! That feels good to get that off our chest!


Why Matching Donations?

If someone told you that they could double your money, you, probably, would either:

(1) Hear a cash register go “Cha-Ching” or
(2) Be (rightfully) very suspicious


We can’t double the value of your investment portfolio, allowing you to live out the rest of days on a tropical beach but we can help to double your charitable investments.

You might have a financial advisor who (tries) to help increase your retirement fund, think of us as your charity advisor!


In the 2007 Council for Aid to Education (CAE) survey, 749 institutions reported over $169 million in matching gift dollars. Why not make your donation go twice as far by contributing to a matching donation?


How it Started


David can be contacted via
Email, Twitter or Google +.

Our Co-founder, David de Souza, has always been obsessed with making his money work harder, in businesses, travel and in his investments. In 2010, he thought about making his charitable donations go further as well.


David realised that instead of just donating to charities on a whim, it would be much more efficient to accumulate the money and to donate when there was a matching donation available, so his donations would help twice as many people.


After searching for a number of matching donations, David realised that other people could benefit from them and as a result he created to provide a platform where people could get more bang for their charitable buck.


Since was started over $2,000,000 in matching donations have been featured on the site, helping donors, charities and people in need.


If you would like to contact David, volunteer, or help spread the word about you can get in touch Via Email, Twitter or Google +.