Help Intiman Theatre with a $250,000 Matching Donation

“Intiman, which first announced it would face closure unless it raises $1 million by September back in February, has already raised $200,000 from community supporters to save the local theatre. The organization hopes to raise half its need – $500,000 – by the end of the month, another $250,000 by June, and the final $250,000 by the fall. The $100,000 matching fund could help push the theatre significant closer to meeting the March portion of its goal, that is if the challenge is met.


“This generous grant provides us with an opportunity to raise at least $200,000 in a short amount of time,” said Intiman’s Finance Committee chair Paul Lawrence in a statement. “We’re grateful for this matching opportunity, and we’re working hard to spread the word. We are asking everyone for whatever support they can give now.””


Fund Amount: $25,000

Expiring Date: 09/31/2011

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