Little Colonel’s Playhouse – $3,950 Matching Donation

In the midst of watching a dramatic thriller unfold on stage you watch as the killer pulls out a gun and fires. (“POP!” the sound of champagne being uncorked)

The killer runs to make a hasty get away on his horse.

(Sound of coconut shells clapping together)


Suddenly a phone rings! (Silence) A PHONE RINGS!! (Brringg!)


The sound of “horse lips” in a high pitched tone emanating from the sound booth is heard.


“What is this?” you ask?  This is the “sound system” at Little Colonel Playhouse.  Or, rather, our sound guy Darren who does his best with what little resources he has.  We currently have a system that is more than three decades old.  What we need is a brand new computer run sound system where we can pull any sound effect we need and generate it to actually come from the stage.  A new sound system would give Little Colonel Playhouse patrons the chance to actually hear what is being said on stage. With a new sound system our actors could wait for their cues in chairs in the upstairs dressing rooms instead of sitting on hard steps in an unheated (and unairconditioned) stairwell behind the stage. Our sound engineer is talented and creative but only so much can be done with what we have (and Darren’s insurance won’t cover lock jaw from doing too much “horse lips”).

Little Colonel Playhouse patrons deserve a better theater experience.  They deserve to be fully immersed in the play through not only performance but by HEARING the performance as well! And…Darren needs a break.

Project Budget:  $3,950

We have a sound professional willing to donate his services to install a new system.  Now we need your help to purchase the equipment!

Dressing Room Intercom:

Shure Microphone 515SDX: $49

Speco Amplifier PBM30: $154

3 JBL Speakers Control 24 CT Micro: $216

Gepco Mic Wire 100 feet: $17

Sound System for Theater: 

ART Amplifier SLA4: $439

6  JBL Speakers Control 28: $1,440

Soundcraft Mixer EFX-8: $399

Peavey Speaker Processor VSX26: $449

Coleman Speaker Wire 23287-250: $89

Gepco Speaker Wire IR142BA19-250: $68

8 Neutrik Connectors NC3MX: $27

4 Neutrik Connectors NC3FX: $15

8 Furman AC Power Strips: $65

Wire, cables, etc.: $100

Administrative Fees: $423


Fund Amount: $3,950

Expiring Date: 02/28/2012

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