Both Ends Burning $500,000 Matching Challenge

Every dollar you donate turns into two…

Foster Friess, a visionary leader and loyal supporter of the campaign, made a $500,000 matching grant to Both Ends Burning to help more kids have a family.

We are asking you to donate any amount you can to help us with the remaining costs to complete the film and to execute the successful placement and promotion of the film. Hopefully, you can see what Foster sees, and recognize the value of the film as an important tool for our cause. If we are going to persuade the world that adoption is a good thing we need to do so by convincing them that these kid’s lives matter; that they are worth something. The film will be the voice for these kids; this is why we need your help.

For clarification, no one is making a profit from this film. It has been produced by donations and all net proceeds will funnel back to the foundation for future programs related to children finding permanent, loving homes.

Because of one man with a conviction that every child deserves a family, every dollar you donate turns into two.

For more information on setting up a local fundraiser within your home, church or community, please contact Liz Carbone.

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Fund Amount: $500,000

Expiring Date: 12/31/2012

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