Shoeman Water Projects Matching Donation for $10,000

George the Shoeman here. I need your help. A donor has made a generous $10,000 matching gift pledge.  If I can raise $10,000 in donations before December 24, 2011, the donor will match those donations with an additional $10,000. We need to drill more wells and you can help make it happen. The great news is all cash donations go directly to water projects and are tax deductible.  Operations costs and additional water project funding come from donated shoes.  If you are planning to give year end gifts to charities, I hope our matching funds opportunity, a chance to double your donation, will have you make a donation to Shoeman Water Projects today.

The Shoeman Water Projects stands on your good work. We are not supported by any church, United Way, or Federal Government. Our funds come from exporting  shoes and now, hopefully, an annual year end contribution to Shoeman Water Projects. Your donations of shoes, phones, vehicles and dollars make a big difference. Here is just one example of how:

Here is Reality

A woman rises at 3 AM and walks 6 to 8 miles for a dried up river bed.  Her greatest fear is that she will be attacked.  Who would attack her?  The army or the police are without restraint.  She gathers water from a small muddy spring and puts a five gallon bucket on her head and walks home.  She gives the muddy water to her babies, no other choice.  Cholera is epidemic.

When I drill a bore hole it eliminates a day of toil and terror.  It gives immediate clean water reducing chloral.  It gives sanitation. She can bathe.  Today people get a bath once every three month and consider that a luxury.  She has water for the garden and grows their food selling excess to the village.  She has water for the animals.  Perhaps the best thing is the children can stay home to be schooled or attend a village school. Children today must spend the day water walking.  The entire economy of the village changes with a bore hole.

Of course, the people ask; Why do we do this?  We answer: With knowledge comes responsibility.  We learned how to drill and treat water and then realized that we had been working with people without water.  At that moment life dealt our playing cards. We could play or fold.  There was only one answer, we played the justice cards.  Human justice demanded we make this move.

Kenya January 2011 – This Boy Need’s a Well!

In January 2011, we tried to drill for this family but could not due to granite and water depth. I need a rig that will drill 1,000 feet down and through granite.  We are short 300,000 pairs of shoes to buy a $207,000 water drilling rig. With the rig in mind we can drill 100 wells per year.  Today that village is not there, the people had to follow the water.  When I drill a well, water will be available year around.   With your help, the goal is possible. The $10,000 pledge with your help can turn into $20,000.

Please fill use our secure donation form or mail a check to 1603 Manufacturers Drive, Fenton, MO 63026 that will give a cup of cold water.  All cash donations go directly to water projects and are tax deductible. Please make  your most generous gift. Many are thirsting for your donation.

Wishing you my warmest regards and success in all your endeavors!

Sincerely yours,

George “The Shoeman” Hutchings


Fund Amount: $10,000

Expiring Date: 12/24/2011

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