$10,000 Matching Grant for Buddhist Meditation Community

Tergar has received a generous $10,000 matching grant from the George Family Foundation. Please help us meet this challenge by making an online tax-deductible.

In the northern hemisphere the approaching winter signifies the passing of yet another year. 2011 has been a busy one for the Tergar Meditation Community. As you know, in the middle of the year, Mingyur Rinpoche left on his three-year retreat. We now have the enviable task of bringing his vision to fruition, to finish editing the wealth of teachings he left behind and to make them available to all the people whose lives have been touched by him.

We now have close to 60 groups around the world that come together regularly to study and practice in accordance with the Mingyur Rinpoche’s vision. In addition our meditation instructors and facilitators are leading regular Joy of Living meditation workshops in over 15 countries. We also offer a number of residential practice retreats annually for both Joy of Living and Path of Liberation students. You might say we have taken to heart Rinpoche’s parting instructions, ‘The best way to support me while I’m in retreat is to practice what I have taught you’.
With the help of a dedicated group of volunteers, much of our Joy of Living curriculum materials are now complete. To help support our flourishing meditation community we now have available an array of wonderful practice materials in our new online store, including an amazing four-part Introduction to Meditation. This DVD is perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to learn to meditate. For the person who wishes to explore the Buddhist path more deeply through our Path of Liberation curriculum, there are Rinpoche’s extraordinary teachings on the foundational practices of Ngöndro.
However, there is still much to do. Our most exciting endeavor is the Tergar Learning Community, our soon to be launched online study and practice community. This site will offer an introduction to meditation program, instructor led Joy of Living seminars, an extensive library of teachings, as well as a social network where you can keep in touch with your meditating friends. Preliminary testing of the system is nearly complete and soon you will receive an invitation to join us online.
In addition, we continue to develop more curriculum materials. For the Joy of Living this includes staff and student handbooks as well as audio and video of Mingyur Rinpoche’s live versions of level 1 & 2 teachings. We will now turn more of our attention to the Path of Liberation curriculum. This includes student handbooks for all the levels as well as audio versions of all the video materials that we now offer.
Finally, before Rinpoche disappeared we filmed a wealth of material for a Buddhist Studies curriculum. We can now begin to edit this footage and develop the supporting material that will constitute a four-part study program.
We are extremely blessed to have been given this treasure of remarkable teachings. We are also blessed to have a community of dedicated practitioners who ceaselessly volunteer their time and effort. We are further blessed to enjoy the generous support of so many organizations and individuals like you.
One such organization is the George Family Foundation. They have generously supported the Tergar Meditation Community since our inception. This year they have reaffirmed their commitment to us by offering a $10,000 matching grant to assist with our year-end fundraising.
We are asking for your support to continue this important work. We must continue to make available all the wonderful teachings that Mingyur Rinpoche has left for us, and to build a stable foundation for the teachings he will offer when he returns. We will only be able to do this with your continued support. Please consider making a one-time donation to help procure our matching grant, or a monthly sustaining donation.Your tax-deductible donation, large or small, will go a long way towards bringing Mingyur Rinpoche’s compassionate vision to life, allowing us to share the practice of meditation with the world.
Warmest wishes,
Cortland Dahl &

Edwin Kelley


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Fund Amount: $10,000

Expiring Date: 01/31/2012

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